And the winner is…


It’s awards season, and we are celebrating!

Once again Wilde has won the #1 spot in ALL of Los Angeles on Open Table’s Diner’s Choice Awards for the restaurant with the ‘most notable wine list’.

We would like to thank Open Table, all of our (review) writers, our loyal customers and our producers and distributors, our crew, our parents, our families and most of all our god (of wine) Dionysous.

The stars aligned for us this month as Wilde also participated with Angle Vineyards in the annual Oscar Wilde Awards which took place at J.J Abrams Bad Robot Productions in Santa Monica. You may have heard of JJ – he did a little movie called Star Wars. Stars that attended this fabulous night included Steven Spielberg, Snow Patrol, Daisy Ridley and James Corden to name a few.

This Wilde Wine Wednesday 2nd March we will showcase some of our award winning wines in flights of 3. The curtain goes up at 5 pm.

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