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wallspaceWilde’s newest ART Installation is provided by wallspace – a dynamic gallery in our neighborhood on La Brea that shows art in an unconventional setting. They represent up-and-comers as well as more established Los Angeles based artists, and have installed a fabulous salon wall at Wilde.

And yes, all pieces are for sale so you can take a piece of art home with you!

Don’t forget you can meet wallspace and the artists at our special afternoon event on March 19th @ 2pm

Additional works may be viewed at | wallspace 607 nth la brea la, ca 90036 | tel. 323.930.0471 |

The Artists

Lori Dorn

Lori Dorn has three major passions in life, horses, photography and art. Initially studying photojournalism at Santa Monica College she soon moved to photographing many well-known models and actors for the last 20 years. While experimenting with creating backdrops for photography, she found a new way to express her creativity. What began as an effort to change her own environment has grown into an expression of her personality and interests. “My attempt is to express pure emotion with colors and textures.” Lori lives and works in Long Beach, Ca.

“devoir” 57” x66” acrylic on canvas

“decadence” 44” x 50” acrylic on canvas

Marz Jr.

Marz Jr. is a freelance artist and illustrator, creating original and limited edition works in paint and ink. He also works in animation on various digital media platforms. Marz Jr. has worked for Zylonol Studios since 2000, coloring comic books for Marvel and DC Comics. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Marz Jr. relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 where he continues to paint and illustrate, using sharp retro color blocking mixed with iconic imagery.

‘Paramount Pictures’

“Capitol Records” 44 x 30”each acrylic & ink on paper

“Capitol Records” 44 x 30”each acrylic & ink on paper

“Griffith observatory” 30”x 44” acrylic & ink on paper

Mateu Velasco

Mateu Velasco was born in 1980, in New York, but moved to Brazil shortly thereafter — he considers himself more Brazilian than American. He graduated from the Arts and Design Department of the PUC-Rio University in 2003, majoring in industrial design. Having attended carving, illustration, computer graphics and experimental calligraphy courses, Mateu developed an unique style of graffiti and representation, which can be found in walls and galleries of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Paris and Lisbon.

“fish” 17.5”x13.5” ink on rice paper framed

girl head
“girl head” 48”x32” ink and acrylic on wood

MB Boissonnault

MB Boissonnault is a contemporary painter born in Massachusetts and now based in Venice, California. Boissonnault is a focused and prolific painter, having studied fine art formally at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, in Germany, where she graduated in 1995.
Her work is collected privately and is included in the major art collections of Thyssen, Deutsche Bank, Tennessee State Museum and The Matisse Family Collection. Her technique features many studied layers of oil paint, inspired by the complex colors and textures of our environment and the atmosphere.

“acquired situational narcissism #3 oil/synthetic canvas, 30x 40

“acquired situational narcissism #4” oil/synthetic canvas, 30x 40

“grey beach” 48” x72” oil on synthetic canvas

Melinda Mcleod

Melinda Mcleod has studied life and its movements, developing a remarkably keen artistic technique with her flowing expressionistic style. She is an exceptional colorist working with landscapes, cityscapes and portraits, infusing her art with bold and brilliant pigments.
Melinda has studied drawing and painting at UCLA, USC and Mission Renaissance program in Los Angeles. Her commissioned fine art can be seen in studios, theatres and private homes throughout the United States. Melinda lives with her family in Los Angeles, California

“patty the pig” 36”x66” acrylic on canvas framed

“thunder” 78” x 84” acrylic on canvas framed

Patrick Hammerlein

Patrick Hammerlein explores themes of nature vs. industry and how they can coexist or clash. The images are all designed from photographs Patrick has taken. The images of buildings and cityscapes, as well as many trees are from Los Angeles while animal and farm photos are for the most part taken around his hometown in upstate NY. They are not only a juxtaposition of nature and industry, but also a combination of imagery from his two homes – one rural one urban. Patrick manipulates photographs in photoshop and then prints the images on a large blue print printer, layering images on wood that he has found in the streets of Los Angeles. He adds a variety of elements, including acrylic paint, hardware and segments taken from books he has found.

let the earth
“”let the earth breathe” paper, acrylic paint on wood board

love me
‘love me and the world is mine” 30’ x 48” paper, acrylic paint on wood board

Ramon Ramirez

Ramon Ramirez has explored what he describes as the “LA Aesthetic” for the past decade. His oil paintings feature lush vibrant skies that backdrop silhouetted and muted skylines portraying the rich texture that is created when natural beauty surrounds rough urban sprawl. Palm tress, whether alone or towering above squat architecture, ground Ramirez’s cityscapes in the built-environment of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, the city has served as his muse from the onset. He is one of the featured artists in the book Contemporary Chicana/Chicano Artists. Along with galleries throughout the country, institutions that have exhibited his works include Boise State University, the Carnegie Art Museum, the Fowler Museum at UCLA, the Mesa Southwest Museum in Arizona, Ohio State University, Queens University at Charlotte, the Snite Museum at the University of Notre Dame, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Woodbury University in Burbank, CA.

melrose hill
“melrose hill” 20.5” x 24.5” charcoal on paper framed

“across the freeway (looking north)” “where you and I begin”

48”x 36” oil and oil stick on canvas

Stephanie Visser

Stephanie Visser, a native of southwestern Michigan, was educated at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids Michigan. She continued her education in fine arts and painting at Western Michigan University and Pasadena College of Art and Design. Stephanie’s painting originally began with traditional water color and representational work. Today her painting has evolved into abstract experimental and mixed media. Currently, her work has been influenced by an interest in the environment through light, color and emotional context.

“lay lines#10” oil on canvas framed

18” x 14” watercolor on paper framed

18” x 14” watercolor on paper framed



Oct 2015 – Mar 2016

Karine Simon

Simon’s specialty as a photographer: highlighting a woman’s sensuality and her natural ability to create and capture intimate moments. She snaps a photo, transfers the image onto painted wood & finishes with acrylic paint.

Karine Simon

Apr 2015 – Oct 2015

William Wray

Before Present is a series of paintings that captures the haphazard and gritty beauty of California’s urban sprawl, grasping just the right lighting and vantage point for each scene. No subject is too humble: whether it be a dilapidated gas station, the gleam of a sodium streetlight in the brash angles of an all-American ’80s muscle car, or an unadorned side view of a ’60s suburban home, Wray taps into each subject and distills their aesthetic merits and emotional resonances into a powerful and heady essence. A sense of fondness permeates, a sense of Wray’s appreciation and even admiration for these bedraggled places.

This alchemical process which transforms the commonplace into the extraordinary is mirrored in Wray’s technique: “Using a utilitarian working-man’s aesthetic inspired by my subjects, I paint on wood panels from home depot and use cheap plastic brushes from the hardware section of Ralph’s to prevent the refined rendering that using a sable brush encourages.” Breaking his subjects down into abstract shapes, Wray strives for a perfect balance of “realistic abstraction” – viewers can identify the scenes and objects, yet a strange haziness dominates his works, blurring edges and the delineations between shapes. Stepping closer exaggerates this effect, each object drifts apart like water in oil into strangely satisfying smears of color and texture. As is the case with memories, with prolonged contemplation the detail in Wray’s paintings fades into vague impression which against the odds bear all the weight of feelings and significance.

After a nomadic childhood traveling the world William Wray began working in the animation business as a teenager, eventually enrolling in The Art Students League in New York to study fine art in the late eighties. Not empathetic to the conceptual art world all around him in Soho, William went back to work in the commercial field. He is best known for his painting style on the Ren and Stimpy Show, comic books and his work in Mad Magazine.

After a concentrated series of oil painting workshops over the last ten years and a maturing reformation of his realistic art style into a more abstraction based approach, William has turned his attention to documenting the decay of the urban environments in California which he grew up with – ‘Before Present’.

William’s works are represented by LAUNCH GALLERY. Wray has four monographs published of his work and a fifth one titled: Fortress Los Angeles available at the gallery. A museum show for the Carnegie Museum in Oxnard is scheduled for late 2015.