Review: The Culture Trip – ‘The 6 Best Wine Adventures in LA’


From The Culture Trip: ‘The 6 Best Wine Adventures in LA

Knowing a city is about having the right place to go to on any given occasion.

Have A Harmonious Experience at Wilde

At Wilde, passion has taken its highest form: Love. The ‘a-ha’ moment that follows entering this brasserie-meets-nightclub is precisely why you will make an effort to be here on a weekly basis. It’s the wine spot you brag to your friends at the Riviera Country Club about. It doesn’t matter whether you are a connoisseur or just like dining out; a night at Wilde will give you the much-needed oomph you were looking for to get you through your week. They have gone the distance in crafting a wine list composed of rare, organic, small lot wines and exquisite food pairings to match.